Torso, Arms, Belt-Retaliation Kwinn (belt modded)
Legs, Hands-Retaliation Ultimate Duke
Satchel-25th Doc
Head-Renegades Ripcord
Gear-30th Lifeline
Helmet-Steel Brigade Delta modded with visor form Renegades Ripcord glasses

This figure was made for the PHX Customs Resurgence 2 project.

In trying to come up with a figure to do for our desert mail away set, I kept coming back to Doc. I had been wanting to do a modern version of this character for a while and he seemed to fit nicely. The hardest part here was making a modern medic helmet. I originally planned to just use glasses, but delays in receiving a casting order pushed me in another direction. I tried a lot of different things before figuring out to cut the faceplate off a Steel Brigade Delta helmet and add the glasses from Renegades Ripcord. I thought it looked like something a modern medic would wear so I went with it. For the rest of him, I tried to take cues off the original and just use more modern parts options.

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