Head: Snake Eyes
Torso: Snake Eyes
Upper Arms: Storm Shadow
Lower Arms: Zartan
Waist: Nunchuk
Legs: Storm Shadow

After the fall of Cobra, Slice and Dice were quick to disappear. Dice returned to The Night Creepers and Slice returned to Gekido and The Reddokuran. Slice earned himself a favorable position at Gekido's right hand. After Cobra Commander came out of hiding to reform Cobra and bring them to power once again, Slice introduced his two disciples, Hack and Slash, and offered them as bodyguards. Thanks to them The Reddokuran knew every move of Cobra until William Kessler took command and ousted the old guard. Now Slice is tasked with bringing the new Reddokuran pledges up to Gekido's standards and wiping the Arashikage from history.

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