Head: Snake Eyes
Torso: Kamakura
Arms: Storm Shadow and POTC
Waist: Kamakura
Legs: Slash, Nunchuk, and Depth Charge

Slice introduced Cobra Commander to his two apprentices Hack and Slash and offered their services in exchange for Cobra's support of The Red Ninja Clan, The Reddokuran. Cobra Commander readily accepted and Hack and Slash shadowed The Commander for two years before his eventual downfall and the rise of William Kessler as Cobra Commander III. During that time they were privy to many of the Cobra hierarchy meetings and reported back to Slice with their secrets. When Kessler made his play for leadership, Hack and Slash quickly extracted themselves from Cobra Island and returned to The Reddokuran Fortress. Now back in direct contact with their Master Slice, the two warriors can resume their apprenticeships and tutelage under Slice and The Dark Master.

Slash is the opposite of Hack in every way. He is quiet and relaxed in everything he does. His fighting style is quite odd for a martial artist as he favors a single cutlass such as those used by sailors and pirates. He goes into battle lightly armored so his movements are unhindered and he moves quietly and efficiently. He covers his entire face and wears the loose fitting clothes to hide any signals his body may make that would give away his intentions. Fighting Slash with his silent and emotionless style has unnerved many strong men enough for them to give up the fight and retreat.

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