Head: Star Trek The Motion Picture: McCoy cast
Torso, upper legs: '84 Firefly
Arms: '91 Red Star
Waist: ???
Lower legs: '84 Scrap Iron
Backpack: ARAH Recondo battle pack


The GI Joe Collector's Club convention set featuring Tiger Force sparked my interest in Sabretooth. Sabretooth was an unproduced figure, which would have used the '84 Firefly body as a new character. Head-to-toe repaints seldom work as new characters, as Hasbro proved when they used the Sabre Tooth concept to create Wreckage in 2003.

Here the chest/back and upper legs of Firefly have been used, but different pieces have been rotated into the recipe to help the figure stand apart from Firefly. With a very limited amount of replacement early ARAH heads, I had planned on using a modified Torpedo head. But the Firefly chest paired with any masked head is still too similar to Firefly. The McCoy head is a great piece of Mego sculpting, and only predates the early ARAH line by several years. The bulky Red Star arms balance out the chest/back, which looks puffy when used with many ARAH arms- and the rolled-up sleeves/no gloves also look different than Firefly.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the catalog prototype, but with a lighter green for less contrast against the yellow. The Hasbro prototype used burnt orange on the ski mask and the leg holsters. I matched the leg holsters to the dark blue of the webgear and pushed the burnt orange down to the fabric parts of the boots. As best I can remember, there were no indications in the Marvel run that Firefly was a red head, so the McCoy head became a ginger to further downplay any Firefly vibe. The grenades are a nonsensical blue, again to push away from Firefly.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast and reworked at the base of the neck.

Thanks for looking.

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