Head: Iron Man 2 unmasked War Machine
Flight helmet: GIJCC Con set Diana
Flight mask: 50th Blowtorch
Goggles: White Out v2
Scarf: MU Ms Marvel
Torso and arms: General Hawk
Parachute pack: 25th Ripcord
Hands: Mace Windu
Leg straps: Star Wars X-wing pilot
Legs: DG Shipwreck with printed map
Feet: Iron Man 2 Whiplash
M2 and bullet belt: Kwinn
Thompson and belt: BBi

Captain Rhodes served as part of the 332nd Army Air Force. During Opertain Shingle he helped destroy a German airfield that was about to transfer a recently captured Howard Stark to a Hydra facility. Stark was able to escape in the ensuing confusion. He then used his military contacts to track down the daring pilot responsible for the raid. Stark offered Rhodes an oppertunity to be his personal pilot, but the fighter pilot turned him down. That didn't stop Stark from sending people to keep recruiting Rhodes.

"From the last plane, to the last bullet, to the last minute, to the last man, We fight, We Fight!"

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