Head: Grunt v.3
Torso: Backblast v.1
Arms: Backblast v.1
Groin: Torch
Legs: Torch

The head for Grunt V.3 reminds of me Razor Ramon(wrestler Scott Hall) due to his hair and reminds me of Sylvester Stallone due to his face. Hence the name Razor Stallone.

Razor Stallone is an Army vet and current Dreadnok hunter.

When he was on leave from the Army, he briefly became a professional wrestler and boxer.

He was drawn back to the Army after finding out his platoon mates had been murdered by members of the Dreadnoks. He now hunts those who murdered his platoon mates. He has dedicated his life to seeking justice for those who have fallen to the evil Dreadnoks. He is willing to go anywhere to find them now matter how dirty he has to get.

He sense of justice has no limits.

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