Head: 25A Ripper w/ROC Repeater cap
Torso, arms: ROC Repeater
Hands: 25A Roadblock
Legs, gear belt: Resolute Snake-Eyes
Feet: 25A Shipwreck
Bandolier: 25A Duke
Backpack: 25A???
Rifle: ROC???


Big Bro' was the Combat Medic of Eagle Force. The parts here are fairly close to the design of the original Mego figure. I've avoided using berets on my EF figures, so Big Bro' gets a cap. The contorted Roadblock hands are widely disliked by collectors and customizers. I've found them useful for a custom of The Cat, EF's mountaineer, due to the strange positions. They also work well for Big Bro', who would be holding non-standard gear, such as IV drip pouches.

Colors & Paint:

Unlike the metallic gold of the Mego figures, my custom set uses a camouflage pattern made up of tan, dull yellow, and orange. The warm color set has a gold vibe without looking like metal. The gloves are a pearly blue to read as medical gloves.

Sculpting & Customizing:

The mohawk has been removed from the head and its hair has been reworked. The cap is affixed to the head, too. The collar and shirt pocket under the bandolier were ground down so the bandolier would sit flatter.

Thanks for looking.

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