Head: ROC Courtney Krieger 'CoverGirl'
Hair: MU Firestorm
Body: MU Firestorm
Feet: MU Namor
Belt: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Scarlett
Knife: ??
Shells: real small seashells

Honey Ryder was the first and so remains -in the minds of many- the quintessential representation of a 'Bond Girl.' I wanted a face that was pleasant to look at, but most of the 3.75' face sculpts are too rough. I was inspired when I saw the ROC Courtney Krieger 'CoverGirl' customs made by Rategg and Liquidisk. They proved the figure's face sculpt was beautiful and really resembled Karolina Kurkova, but the paint and hairpiece ruined the face. So, the first thing was finding a hairpiece that would frame the face, and then a female body that could be sculpted on. I used a Firestorm figure from the Spider-man and his Amazing Friends MU 3-pack for both things, and had my friend John Harmon -from Mintconditioncustoms- to help me put it all together.

The bikini was sculpted, the feet were changed so the figure could be barefoot, and the belt had the quiver removed and a knife with its sheath attached. The shells I collected from a beach. The painting is what really makes this figure, so I am glad a professional helped here to made this look like (or better than) an officially produced figure. It may not be a spot on Honey Ryder Ursula Andress likeness, but you can't beat having a figure of a super-model like Karolina Kurkova as a Bond Girl!

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