Head: Thunder ? modified with oring neck ball
Torso: Dusty
Arms: annihilator
Legs: footloose
Crotch: ?

Proton pack: custom made using corps backpack, tripwire mines, red wire, Star wars hose, and gun was made using airtights gun with corps backpack pieces.

Nametag and emblem are paper printouts glued. My camera does not give this justice, but the nametags all say the characters last name and you can read them perfect. I even got the right font.

Here I have one of the main characters in the Ghostbusters films. Dr. Peter Venkman. I wanted to get the face just right and I think that this is the best o-ring face I could find that would match Bill Murray's face. This group of guys was a lot of fun to do and I will say that I am very pleased with all of them.

The most difficult part of these characters is doing the proton packs and slime packs. I could not find the right 1/18 scale size proton packs so I made my own. I am very happy with result. I know they are not perfect but they are good enough. Also the hard part was getting the Ghostbusters emblem and nametags perfect, but after several failed attempts I think I got it.

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