Head: Steel Birgade '87
Torso: Tripwire (re-make of '83 version)
Upper Arms: T.A.R.G.A.T. '89
Lower Arms: Star Viper '88
Waist: Buzzer '85
Upper Legs: Headman '92
Lower Legs: Scrap-Iron '84
Backpack: Pathfinder '90
Flamethrower: Star Wars figure
Pistol: Random Fodder
Boot Holster: Lady Jaye (new line)

Dragonfly serves as both recon scout and flame weapons specialist for the Joe team.

His helmet is equipped with an air filtration system, macro-binoculars, and a variety of sensors including night vision, target designation scope, and audio amplification. It also has a satilite communication uplink. All of which can be voice activated.

Biker Scouts are my favorite characters from Star Wars, and Dragonfly is the name of my Steel Birgade figure made way back in 1987. This was an attempt to merge two of my favorites.

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