Head: MU Angel
Torso: MU Guardian
Arms: MU ?
Legs: MU Ghost Rider
Harness: Deadpool
Belt: MU ? with Commander Rogers straps
Sword: Gandalf
Hands: G.I. Joe - Flint or Roadblock
Ray Gun: SW Bail Organa

I did an NJC earlier this year for Retro Sci-Fi, and this one was the winner. Really immersed myself in the genre, and knocked out many of the core characters during and after the event.

I still plan to return to Mongo in force. Variants of key characters, delving into some of the deeper ones, and also crossing this more fully into my WWII era EXCAL Prequel verse.

As I was researching the looks I wanted, I bought Flash Gordon Zeitgeist TBP, and found it useful both for style and for the ways in which I will incorporate the story.

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