Sharad Hett - Head
General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy - Base Figure, Harness, Holster

Codename: Weapon-X is my mashup of the X-Men universe with GI Joe. I'm re-imagining each character's mutant ability as a military specialty.

The Professor
Weapon-X Leader
File Name: Xavier, Charles Francis
Primary Military Specialty: Strategic Command Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Military Intelligence
Country of Origin: United States of America

CEREBRO FILES: Unable to currently engage in combat directly due to recovery from a leg and spinal injury, THE PROFESSOR coordinates WEAPON-X operations from afar through CEREBRO (Centralized Encrypted Reconnaissance Engine and Battlefield Resource Operations), an extensive intelligence and communications network of his own design. The network also enables him to locate potential threats and identify possible new recruits for his team.

AGENT MCTAGGERT'S NOTES: THE PROFESSOR is a charismatic and engaging individual capable of reading and building rapport with even the most closed off personalities. In addition to making him a natural leader, these qualities also make him an expert in non-violent information extraction. One way or another though, he knows how to make people talk.

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