Head: Red Neo-Viper
Torso: Storm Shadow (Retaliation)
Legs: Snake Eyes (Retaliation)
Arms: Firefly (Renegades)
Pistols: Random
Knives: Torpedo (Outnumber Pack)

Jason Todd was a young boy who became the next "Robin" after Dick Grayson relinquished that title and became the vigilante known as "Nightwing." In the Batman animated feature "Under The Red Hood," Jason was killed by The Joker and later resurrected in the Lazarus Pool that Ra's Al Ghul uses to rejuvenate himself. I hadn't even heard of "Red Hood" until I watch the feature. I thought it was pretty cool, so I made my own figure after that. I thought that he should have some SEMTEX, though. So I used Firefly's arms. I hope you like him, too.

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