Head: Heavy Duty (ROC)
Arms: Roadblock (Ninja Dojo Set)
Torso: Roadblock (Ninja Dojo Set)
Thighs: Snake Eyes (Retaliation)
Calves: Storm Shadow (Retaliation)
Feet: Storm Shadow (Retaliation)
Jacket: Shadow Tracker
Dog Tags: Random

In real life, I am an active-duty paratrooper and a Zumba Instructor. While I was serving in South Korea, I really cut my teeth in the world of group fitness. Just like other times in my life, I created another figure of myself, reinventing myself in a sense. I also developed my own sense of style where Zumba clothing is concerned. As Zumba doesn't focus on good, quality clothing for men, I came up with my own style out of necessity. This outfit is based on a clothing set that I actually wear when I teach Zumba. The dogs tags represent the actual tags that I wear in honor of two of my kids that have passed away. I didn't paint over the Arashikage forearm tattoo because I want to get that one day.

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