Snake Eyes - Legs, Harness, Belt
Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Torso, Arms
Hit & Run - Grappling Hook, Rope
Beachhead - Backpack, Crossbow
Antares Draco - Head

Codename: Weapon-X is my mashup of the X-Men universe with GI Joe. I'm re-imagining each character's mutant ability as a military specialty.

Nightcrawler is actually the first figure I pieced together that inspired the whole concept. These have sat on my work bench for a long time, and I'm happy to finally see them completed!

File Name: Wagner, Kurt
Primary Military Specialty: Covert Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Chaplain's Assistant
Country of Origin: Germany (Former DDR)

CEREBRO FILES: NIGHTCRAWLER can sneak into or escape from almost any scenario, thanks to his remarkable agility. Also an expert at stealth and camouflage, he is able to practically blend into shadows and disappear in plain sight. His speed also makes him a formidable hand to hand opponent, excelling at silent target neutralization.

XAVIER'S NOTES: NIGHTCRAWLER grew up as a blue-haired punk rocker in East Germany, and learned early on how to go unnoticed whenever he wanted to avoid another beat down for looking like a "circus freak." He also learned how to defend himself, both physically and by developing a keen sense of humor. He's a bit of an enigma, even to me, as I'm still trying to wrap my head around finding this former commando in seminary school.

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