MU Death's Head
SW General Grievous
Safari Ltd Dragonfly wings
Weapons from drbindy

I had all these heroes for SuperStinger, but no super villain. I wanted to keep with the insect theme for the bad guy, and thought "nothing says bad insect guy like multiple limbs." Immediately my thoughts went to Star Wars' General Grievous, due to the fact he had the four arm thing going on, with bonus grasping feet. I bought another Safari Ltd dragonfly for wings (same one I used on my Wasp figure) and some really cool weapons from drbindy. I'm not sure where his stinger is from. The MU Death's Head topped it off with the spiked lower jaw and horns. I painted transparent green over silver to give him a shiny carapace look. Bazaar is intended to be a fictional character franchise existing inside the GI Joe Universe, and imagined to be sold alongside regular product during the Valor vs. Venom era of the brand.

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