Head: DG Duke
Torso: DG Cobra Trooper
Upper Legs: 50th Night Viper
Lower Legs: POC Duke
Web Gear: Retaliation Joe Trooper
Helmet: Cobra Combat Ninja
Missile Launcher: Ultimate Firefly

As a kid, one of my favorite named Cobra Characters was Scrap Iron. I thought it was cool being able to take out a tank without having a tank yourself. The Retaliation Joe Trooper is in my opinion one of the best fodder figures there is. I used his web gear and attached grenades from a 25th Scrap Iron. for the missile launcher I used the top from the 25th Scrap Iron and drilled a hole in a mini Hiss tank from Ult. Firefly. The helmet is a Cobra Combat Ninja with the sides cut off, and I glued on the visor from a 25th Scrap Iron.

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