Head: Cobra Commander
Torso: 25th Scarlett
Upper Arms: Baroness
Lower Arms: RoC Scarlett
Upper Legs: Baroness
Lower Legs: RoC Scarlett

Denia is the member of the Transformers vs. G.I. Joe OG that I connected with least. She has a cool look, but her horror inspiration isn't apparent to me, and she hasn't really done much in the comics yet. However, I was anxious to try out my concept for the head. In the art, she looks to have a hologram or screen instead of a standard visor. So, for this figure, I sculpted in most of the head, drew the skull on a piece of clear yellow styrene, attached that to the head, and sculpted the border around it. It didn't give the face quite the layered look I'd hoped for, but it's a technique I definitely want to experiment with.

I don't see Denia as having any connection to Daina, despite the similar names, but I also have yet to pin down her background. Maybe a robot or cyborg?

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