Head: RoC Neo-Viper with Multiverse Penguin hat
Torso: Retaliation Roadblock
Arms: Arctic Captain America
Legs: Marvel Universe Absorbing Man
Chainsword: 25th Buzzer with I believe Gundam bits added on.

Given the hat and the "whiskers" Horrorshow here is likely inspired by the Babadook, which I've never seen. I definitely picture him in the Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers mold of being a silent, unstoppable killer. Keeping with this theme I figured he should have more than just a gun. In the Transformers vs G.I. Joe comic, he had some kind of gun barrel or handle on his back, so I decided it was the hilt of a chainsword. Any good horror villain ought to have a chainsaw of some kind after all.

Transplanted into my 'verse, this is the original Horrorshow, resurrected and stripped of all his humanity in the process. What remains of his memory ensures that only Col. Brekhov is able to command him.

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