Head: ReAction Trick R Treat figure
Torso: Marvel Universe Puck
Arms: Wolverine Origins Weapon X Wolverine
Waist: VvV Wild Bill
Upper Legs: 25th Storm Shadow
Lower Legs: 25th Dusty I believe

You can't go wrong with an evil dwarf in a burlap mask with a submachine gun. You just can't. Muchnik was the character from my first round of Transformers vs. G.I. Joe Oktober Guard customs that I was most excited and apprehensive about. The parts just aren't there to do a child or dwarf with ME style articulation off the rack. A lot of parts bashing, and I have something I'm happy with, but it was a struggle. I took a chunk out of the center of the upper legs and put them back together, and I had to do a fair amount of work to adapt the torso to a T-Bar. The legs have some paint rub since I had no way to test fit everything before I glued it together, but overall he's one of the figures I'm most proud of. Other than the mid torso joint, he has all the articulation of an ME Joe, and with the MU style hinge neck, he's technically on par in terms of the number of articulation points.

Plus, I got to google "How to Tie a Noose", so just great all around.

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