Head, crossbow: Renegades Scarlett
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG version) cast
Chest/back, legs: '82 Scarlett
Arms: Star Wars- Han Solo w/'05 ARAH Scarlett hands added
Waist: '83 Torpedo

I thought my DiC Cobra Commander would be my last 2015 custom. But I got one more done- Scarlett, another core character...


Scarlett did not appear in DiC's "Operation: Dragonfire" or make a full appearance in the first DiC season. She did reappear in the second DiC season, wearing a uniform that was an exaggerated version of her original uniform. Before returning as a full character, though, she made a cameo of sorts in the first season episode "The Mind Mangler", in which Duke's memories are displayed on a computer screen.

Scarlett's cameo was exceptionally brief. Because it had no voice acting and was drawn to look like Sunbow's Scarlett in new colors, it's easy to wonder how much better the character would have worked had actress BJ Ward been brought back to voice for DiC- and had the character been written as a can-do personality. Sadly, when Scarlett finally appeared in DiC's continuity as a full character, she no longer had the driving spirit of the Sunbow run, and was a screechy-voiced weak link.

On the computer screen, Scarlett looks similar to the Sunbow version, but with the traditional colors replaced with earthy tones and dashes of slate and yellow. Baroness, Zarana, and Lady Jaye all showed up in recolors of their original designs, so it's possible that the intent was to bring Scarlett back in the new colors. Or the new colors could have been painted erroneously by the animation studio. Either way, the colors looked interesting. Similar to how the MASK figure repaints often went awry of the original color sets, but still were fun. I saturated the colors a bit for the custom. Instead of using yellow on the collar like the animation, I bumped it over to the grenade, which wasn't in the animation.

The desert color set also makes this custom thematically compatible with the '83 Grunt and '84 Clutch.

I considered doing a neck-to-toe Marvel universe female figure to use for the bodysuit, but went with mostly ARAH parts mixed with the fantastic Renegades head. Without an available Scarlett waist, the Torpedo one was used. Not a perfect substitution, but not horrible.

The ARAH Scarlett arms work on the '83 figure because they're dark and appear small against the lighter colored torso. On the '05 Scarlett the same arms look fat because they're light colored against a light colored torso. The Renegades head is also smaller than the ARAH version, making the ARAH arms look even worse. To avoid Scarlett having chubster arms, I replaced the arms (to the mouth of the glove) with lanky Han Solo parts. Using the slender upper arms has the benefit of making the gloves look bulky and tough. Mixing the greenish brown for the leotard, gloves, and boots was a headache.

The Renegades Scarlett head was beautifully factory painted by Hasbro. However, the dusty orange hair didn't match up with the intense red hair Scarlett sported in either Sunbow or the DIC cameo this figure is based on. Likewise, the Hasbro paint looked cosmetics neutral, lacking eyelashes, makeup, and lipstick.

Sculpting & Modifiying:

The neck post is cast. The Han Solo and Scarlett arms were glued together at the edge of the gloves.

Thanks for looking.

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