Head: Clone Wars Aurra Sing with Baroness hair
Body: Queen Amidala
Fan: Storm Shadow

Another figure in my set of Feudal Japan era Cobras. This one was a fun challenge, mostly because I decided to maintain the patterning on the base figures arms. Fortunately it was sculpted, so I could just follow that. I also wanted to avoid having her be a ninja or a Geisha, which made the transposition of the basic Baroness look a bit more challenging. I suppose that beyond the color scheme she's not really visibly Baroness, but if you put her with the others I think it becomes clear who she is.

Chief adviser to Cobra Commander, the Baroness is a master of tactics and subterfuge. However, it is just these qualities that prevent the Commander from ever fully trusting her, and the increasing time spent with the foreign merchant Destro isn't helping matters. What are the Baroness' true goals?

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