Head - POC Dusty
Torso & arms - ROC Flash
Legs - Steel Brigade Delta
Web gear - 25th Viper (plus addional pouches etc from various sources)
Leg pouches - Renegades Cobra Trooper vest
Scarf/Shemagh - Green stuff custom sculpt

The latest addition to my Action Force updates is the Z Force driver, Wheels.

The original figure came with the Z Force Jeep (Known as the Blitz Buggy in Germany) and was the same sculpt as the Z Force Infantryman. It sported the now synonymous Z Force look of the hood and cap combo. So when I first saw the hooded POC Dusty head, it screamed Z Force to me!

This custom build was a pretty simple modernisation of Wheels, but I tried to add in a few nods to the original figure: The red pouches; red goggles lens's; combat knife on the rear of his web belt; green; and black & red colour scheme.

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