Head: Flint '85 w/ Lady Jaye '85 hat
Torso: Shipwreck '85
Arms: Chuckles '87
Legs: Dogfight '89
Waist: Cobra Commander '84 (hooded)

Shotgun: Muskrat '88
Backpack: Deep Six '89
Flamethrower: Star Wars figure

Another take on my self custom character. The first Steel Brigade version of Dragonfly was in the Navy, but I eventually made him Coast Guard. Mostly because there was only ever one official Joe from the Coast Guard, and I thought Cutter could use some help on board the W.H.A.L.E.

Dragonfly's job is to board the enemy vessels, subdue the crew and search for contraband. His flamethrower also makes scuttling enemy ships an easy task.

I really like the way this one turned out. It is one of my favorites I've pieced together so far. It's simple and blends nicely with other nautical Joes.

Flint's expression captures me fairly well. At least that's what my wife thought. I couldn't decide on the head for this one, so I showed my choices to my wife and that's the one she chose. I figure she been looking at me for 19 years so she should know what my facial expressions look like.

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