Bodies: "Doctor Who" Black Daleks
Pyrburner hand: custom w/G.I.Joe VvV Torch flame
Buzzsaw hand: "Spider-Man" Doctor Octopus
Claw hand: "Star Wars" Imperial Probe Droid
Manipulator arm: "Doctor Who" Assault Dalek

From The Files of Joe Colton, Adventure Team Commander:

"The extraterrestrial invaders known as the Daleks have attacked the Earth multiple times since the 1960's. They have upgraded their appearance and technology on several occasions but there have been instances of older models appearing after the new ones suggesting to some that they are time travelers but this has not been confirmed.

Their invasion attempts have most often been thwarted by U.N.I.T. (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) and their enigmatic scientific advisor known only as "The Doctor", but my Adventure Team has had run ins with the Daleks as well.

They are probably the most dangerous threat to the safety of mankind, make no mistake about it, they plan on exterminating all life on this planet.

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