Figure: "Marvel Universe" Beast
Tail: "Avatar" Jake Sully (Viperwolf Attack)
Armor: "Star Wars" Mandalore
Belt: various pouches/"Star Wars" Aurra Sing holstered pistol

From The Files Of Joh Kolton, Adventure Team Commander:

"The massive felinoid smuggler (and sometimes pirate) Azoolgaddo can often be found in Chalmun's Cantina in the spaceport city of Mos Eisley when he is not out on a (often illegal) space run in his heavily armed freighter, "Thundera's Pride". Azoolgaddo has an evil sense of humor and takes joy in the suffering of the unfortunate. Azoolgaddo has been known to rip out his victims' throats with his wicked talons and sharp fangs and rumor has it that he feasts apon their flesh, although these rumors may have been started by Azoolgaddo himself as a way of increasing his reputation as a pirate."

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