Head: Star Trek: The Motion Picture- Ilia cast
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Chest/back: '?? NS Scarlett
Arms, legs: NS Jinx
Hands: Marvel Universe- Jean Grey in X-Factor uniform
Sword/scabbard backpack: 25A Quick Kick
Courier case: Indiana Jones- Henry Jones, Sr.


I made an ARAH custom of Vypra years ago. For that custom, I downplayed the uniform's ninja aspects because the character was originally created as a vehicle driver. This custom, though, is influenced by the great figure made by the GI Joe Collectors' Club, which embraced Vypra's ninja aspects- but puts her in more practical boots. The GIJCC has made some brilliant figures the last few years, and Vypra is one of them. But as with any GIJCC product, I fill the character slot in my collection with a custom to avoid the ridiculous prices.

I used mostly NS parts as to not duplicate the modern era parts used by the GIJCC. The NS Jinx legs have wrapped lower legs, but also have boots. The Henry Jones, Sr. 1940's courier case is so out-of-date that it adds character to the overall design.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the GIJCC figure. Some reviews of the GIJCC figure have pointed out that the ARAH Vypra had a blue/grey camouflage pattern, which the GIJCC ignored to go with the solid dark blue. Camouflage would have looked just fine, but the choice of the solid blue works nicely. I like it better than the camouflage pattern. To accentuate the pouches on the belt, they're painted to match the backpack and courier case. The mask is the same color as the uniform as a throwback to the original ARAH Vypra.

There's not a lot of facial real estate seen because of the mask to establish this is a female character. The best way was to exaggerate the eye makeup.

The Cobra logos are printouts. They're not as nice a waterslides would look, but they do the job. There weren't any open areas on the upper body to place the logo to match the GIJCC figure, so I put it on the upper thigh.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head and neck are cast, with sculpted work done to make the mask. Most NS figures require fixing the proportions. The properly sized Ilia head helped. The tiny NS hands were replaced with better sized Marvel Universe ones. This also added wrist articulation, which is offset by the fact that one of the hands is fist and can't hold any accessories. Jinx and Bombstrike were the only female NS figures with (almost) properly proportioned shoulders, so it was nice to not have to throw out the arms for a change.

Thanks for looking.

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