Head, torso, arms: 25th Lady Jaye
Right Hands: 25th Mutt
Left Hand: 25th DVD Snake Eyes
Legs: RoC Ripcord

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) debuted as a comic series in 1984. However, most kids fell in love with them in 1987 when the toy line and animates series were launched. TMNT has been going strong ever since.

I remember watching the show and buying the 4 Turtles when I was 12. Most of my friends were leaving toys behind, but I still enjoyed them. I would pit the 4 brothers in battles against my old He-Man figures.

When I made my Canary Ann custom for my Funskool series a few months ago, I noticed that I could use a similar recipe to make an April custom. That is where this figure started.

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