Head: Deadpool Figure
Torso: Torpedo (Vanishing Act 3-pack)
Arms: Snake-Eyes (Retaliation)
Right Thigh: Cobra Trooper
Left Thigh: Ultimate Firefly
Calves: Snake-Eyes (Retaliation)
Pistols: Cobra Trooper
Uzis: Snake-Eyes (Ninja Dojo 3-pack)
Web Gear: Cobra Trooper (Black)
Swords; Storm Shadow (Pursuit of Cobra)

EVERYONE (unless they aren't born yet) knows who Deadpool is! He's everywhere! T-shirts, coffee mugs, jackets, pants, comic books, video games (including cameo appearances), the X-Men Origins movies, and even his own movie now! Some guys on YouTube even did a simulated Death Battle between and DeathStroke from DC Comics. So to pay homage, express my creativity, update my collection, and use up some of my extra pieces, I created Deadpool. I hope you like what I've done.

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