Head - Steel Brigade Delta
Torso & upper arms - POC Low Light
Lower arms - ROC Flash
Legs - Sgt Thunderblast
Harness - 25th Snow Serpent (plus additional fodder pouches)
Neckerchief - Raginspoon.com
UMP rifle - Marauder inc (plus POC Low Light suppressor

The original Sniper figure was a prototype for the unreleased "Special Weapons Team"... This was to be another Action Force sub-team intended for release with the rest of the 1982-83 line.

The SWT concept ended up being scrapped for whatever reason, but some of the prototype figures survived and were unearthed by Palitoy historian Dave Tree from the archives of the UK Design museum.

There's virtually no surviving written material on the SWT apart from a label for each figure stating their codename and speciality... hence the only background info for Sniper was... Rifleman.

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