Head - 25th Eel
Helmet - 50th Night Viper
Torso & upper arms - Steel Brigade Delta
Lower arms - ROC Flash
Thighs - ROC Charbroil
Lower legs - Comic pack 25th Hawk
Web gear - Cobra Anti-armor Trooper (plus various additional pouches and sheathes etc)
FOS assault rifle - Marauder inc

As a kid I loved Phones' character in the Battle Action Force comic, but the garish yellow of the Q Force uniforms never sat well with me... So now some 30 years later, I get to make the kind of Phones that the 7 year old me would have loved... by putting him in olive drab!

The original datafile on Phones stated that he was the former leader of a specialist survival school, so with my custom I wanted his webbing to look laden with all sorts of gear to deal with any situation.

I also intended for this figure to accompany my forthcoming Swordfish mk.II custom, possibly as a Helmsman, so that Night Viper helmet and visor seemed perfect for someone piloting a vessel while exposed to the elements (i.e. built in comms, vision amplification & impact/ballistic protection).

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