Head: ARAH Salvo cast
Alternate masked head: ROC Neo Viper w/ Star Wars- Ric Ollie helmet parts attached
Neck post: 25A Destro (Iron Grenadiers uniform) cast
Turtleneck: Resolute ???
Torso, waist, legs: Star Wars Clone Wars- Flamethrower Clone Trooper
Arms: ROC Rex "The Doctor" Lewis
Hands: Indiana Jones- Colonel Dovchenko
Upper pouches, pouch on lower back: cast from ROC Ice Viper vest


Boris Bushkin was the Bulldog driver from Kenner's MASK line. To interpret the character as a "Now a Joe" figure, I kept the turtle neck and fur elements. The Kenner figure has a fairly stout build. The parts here retain the look, but with a more nimble body type. The alternate head (yes, I have finally started giving masks to some of my MASK customs) is strange fun, even if it doesn't resemble the Kenner mask much. The Kenner design was a little too busy as it was, so I discarded the metal boot on the one leg.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the MASK figure. The Kenner figure had many unpainted details, so its green/brown/white palette could have been broader. I used multi-shade grey as the universal color for the fur. The tan used for the gloves, pouches, and gloves is a pretty thick paint that obscures detail. Some of the details had to be painted back in with a thin brush.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The human head and the neck post are cast. The neck post and turtleneck were glued to the top of the torso. The beard and all of the fur is sculpted.

About Snowpack:

None of the Kenner MASK figures came with animal companions. However, many of the Playmobil animals are just too fun to not paint. I had a Playmobil fox, which seemed like a good match for Boris Bushkin. Yes, I know he drove the "Bulldog", but an arctic fox captures the cold weather vibe better than a dog would have.

I glued the head into a fixed position and epoxied the articulation point/hollow spot on the underside.

White and grey paint make for an arctic fox. Arctic foxes have fluffier fur than standard foxes, but it works fine without any additional sculpted fur.

"Snowpack" is one of the those words that I heard and threw on my list of names to use.

Thanks for looking.

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