Head: Angry Nomad Customs
Torso/Left Arm: Roadblock (Ninja Dojo Set)
Left Hand: UFC figure
Right Arm: War Machine (Iron Man 2 Movie Version) & The Doctor (Rise of Cobra)
Right Hand: Tetsuo (McFarlane Toys)
Shoulderpad: Roadblock (Retaliation) & various pieces
Legs: Mouse (Retaliation)
Harness: Cobra Invasion Trooper (Retaliation)
Pouches: Various loose pieces

From the files of General Joseph Clayton

"Major Alan Schaefer is a man with quite the history. He has what some might call the great American ideal when it comes to his youth, being a football hero and brilliant student. He enlisted, served his tours, and ultimately became disenchanted with our military, as many of us do. This led him to form his own mercenary group that primarily focused on rescue operations, making it a part of their coda. His men were all exceptionally loyal and quite resourceful...which makes what happened to them all the more tragic. To put it bluntly, they were tricked into an operation that went south very quickly and his entire team was picked apart by an alien creature that our own Dr. Tesla as identified as a Yautja. They're a race that hunts other races as a way to prove themselves and seem to have their own code of honor and ethics. Dutch survived this encounter, ultimately mortally wounding the Yautja. The experience did leave him in very rough shape though, made even rougher when he ended encountering a group of COIL operatives, which resulted in him losing his right arm while rescuing bystanders. He was brought in as part of the new Star Brigade initiative and fitted with cybernetic enhancements (which include his new arm). In his time in our fledgling Star Brigade, he and another operative have already ran into more Yautja but this encounter was apparently very different. The Yautja warriors offered them aid and fought alongside them on the station, even help them rescue other Joes after a parasitic alien life form got aboard (see: "Xenomorphs"). It's certainly an interesting development, but not unheard of, according to Tesla. He and Dutch think that we can possibly broker a peace of sorts with the Yautja one day. If not, well...Dutch helped select some soldiers for that too (see: "Predators"). All in all, Schaefer has more than proven himself both in our ranks and even prior. I hope more soldiers aspire to live up to his example."

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Here we go, a figure that represents some firsts for me and a whole lot of work. First, let me say that I absolutely love the Capcom Aliens vs. Predator arcade game, which is why this is that version of Dutch rather than his more film accurate look. I love the idea that he eventually became this cyborg soldier battling aliens. He was already in the conceptual stages as a figure, but the newest NJC finally inspired me to make him happen. I put so much work into him too, so much more than I generally do when making figures. He's also my first time really attempting to paint any sort of camo pattern. While I didn't do a straight adaptation of the game version, I did my version of it that I tried to keep both semi-realistic while staying true to the general look of him in the game. He didn't win the NJC but I don't regret making him or entering him. To me, finally making him a part of my Joeverse was the true victory. And yes, I will be making his partner and the "Predators" at some point too. Thanks for taking a look at him.

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