1 Timeless Collection GI Joe
1 Club Exclusive Green Beret Coat and Pants
1 Pair of 40th Anniversary Green Tall Boots
1 40th Anniversary Cartridge Belt
1 40th Anniversary Canteen
1 40th Anniversary Canteen Cover
1 40th Anniversary Parachute
1 40th Anniversary M-1 Rifle
1 40th Anniversary Bayonet
1 40th Anniversary Helmet
1 GI Dog Tag (Not Shown)

Part of my "What if Hasbro had..." theory, the Airborne Paratrooper figure would have been released instead of the Green Beret in an Alternate 1966. This figure, probably would have been sold in a similar window-box setup as the Green Beret. There is also a Playset which would have taken the place of the "Green Beret Machine Gun Outpost" that will be submitted to the "playsets" section.

The Airborne Infantry was a brand new military concept in World War Two, and it paid an additional 50 dollars a month. Airborne Infantry Paratroopers are trained to be elite one man armies to carry everything they need, especially when jumping of a perfectly good airplane.

The most well known, and perhaps the most popular, group of Airborne, is Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. Many books and Memoirs have been written about them, and were depicted in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers."

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