Evolutions Queen Amidala - Base Figure
Bultar Swan - Head

I came up with this design based on some great figures by HypnoHustler and 2DARK2C over at joecustoms.com. Originally I planned on making her red to match my Shadow Weaver figures, but decided to try white and was very pleased with the result. I also crowd sourced for name ideas, and had two people suggest the Jorogumo from Japanese mythology, also known as the Binding Bride.

Lore-wise, like the rest of the Shadow Weavers she depends heavily on deception. She is the Hidden Master of the Arashikage clan, though very few people know that a woman holds the title. She is happy to play into the superstitions and expectations of her enemies to maintain an upper hand, though is a formidable fighter when misdirection is no longer and option.

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