Head- Dollar General Snake Eyes
Helmet, webgear- any number of 25th figures
Everything else- Dollar General wave 1 Duke

Kind of a goofy concept for sure, but this guy ended up being one of my personal favorites (I was big into bmx as a kid). He's based on the package art for a GI Joe bicycle pad from way back when (much thanks to yojoe.com for the image). I liked him so much I even wrote him a file card-

Code name: Mongoose
File name: Antonio Clifton Santiago
Primary military specialty- tactical bicycle motocross
Secondary military specialty- hand to hand combat

Born and raised in Southern California, Tony Santiago got into the BMX scene as soon as he learned how to ride. By the age of 9 he was customizing his own bikes and winning races every weekend, often against much older riders. Though eventually BMX fell out of fashion, Tony never gave it up and today uses his super rad bicycling skills to help the Joe team leave Cobra in the dust!

"You may think it's nuts for a guy to ride a bike onto the battlefield, but when you see Mongoose lay a table-top over a nest of Vipers and karate kick three of them in the head before he hits the ground, you'll become a believer REAL fast."

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