Heads: MU Professor X, modded. 2nd head modded with goggles attached to avoid rub. All heads modded to fit HACKS system

Base Body and Waist: HACKS Grey Blank
Shirtless Torso: HACKS Spartan
Alt Base Body for Coat: HACKS Grey Blank

Armored Arms: Ret. Ninja Duel Snake Eyes, modded with HACKS shoulder pegs

Swappable Sleeved Arms: Hydra Uppers, modded with HACKS shoulder peg, Red Skull Lowers
Hands: Mouse or Kwinn, with swappable Snake Eyes hands

Swappable Bare Arms: HACKS Spartan

Legs: Ret. Ninja Duel SE uppers; POC Zartan Lowers

Harness: Snake Eyes, modded to fit torso

other "Armor" straps on the torso - MU Weapon X wrist straps

Cloak - SW Alien Officer?

Holsters - made from vinyl tape, straps from WWE BnB thigh pads

Sword - Slayer; scabbard - made from vinyl tape. - second version of same with back hilt blade removed to look like a switch blade action.

Pistols - MIB

Swappable Neckerchief: Tunnel Rat

Swappable Turtleneck: Steel Brigade

Space Dome helmet: Lego

Violin: Scratch built/sculpted

So there's a lot going on here. I've done many Ajax figures now, often with the new one taking leftovers from a prior one. The same is true here to an extent.

But the bigger part of this was to take advantage of the impressive new figures (and impressive new parts) available from Boss Fight Studios' HACKS figures. I was always unhappy with the torso I used for Ajax's molded armor look before (an old Snake Eyes torso), as it was disproportionately small. The new HACKS bodies are perfect.

The biggest trick was finding or modifying sleeved arms to go with this, and still be swappable. I found a suitable way to use the HACKS shoulder pegs and still have the stability I need to be satisfied it won't fall apart. That opens the door to all sorts of mods.

And I also plan to take advantage of the swappable torsos and arms to be able to use these two base figures to start mixing in swappable coats and other alt looks without forcing me to make entirely new figures.

The uniform neck peg system is going to end up being revolutionary as more and more lines of figures enter into the HACKS library. I was very happy to see how well the Joe legs fit the HACKS t-bar, with no mods required (though I did eventually trim down the crotch piece to gain even greater range of motion).

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