Head: 25A Barbecue
Chest/back: Marvel- Wolverine & The X-Men- Cyclops
Arms: NS Cobra Commander
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Darth Maul
Explosives: Push molds of Battlefield Earth- Carlo dynamite bundles


Nitro was listed as a villain for the cancelled RIOT wave. According to megomuseum.com, he was to be "swathed in sticks of dynamite". Without much other description, and no illustration, Nitro was open to interpretation. The explosives (dynamite from Trendmasters' glorious Battlefield Earth line) are the centerpiece attached to the chest and the back.

Adding a hood was a semi-effective way to disguise the Barbecue head. It creates the look of a fire-resistant suit. This character might have been just as effective wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, so long as the dynamite bundles were in place. However, this was a good excuse to move a Cyclops chest/back out of the junk parts bin.

Nitro completes my run of RIOT figures, being the last of the unproduced figures. If I add any more RIOT characters they'll have to be original.

Colors & Paint:

This design could have gone in any direction, but I mimicked the color set I used on my RIOT Shock Troopers for color continuity. In addition to the hood, painting "eyes" inside of the Barbecue visor changes the look.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The dynamite bundles are push molds. The hood and backpack straps are sculpted. The top of the head was narrowed. The sockets for the arm and the waist post were re-worked.

Thanks for looking.

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