head - shipwreck
body - cobra commander
lower legs - skybat
head -mego scale actionman

General Blitz, once a science officer to the fledgling Z-force and Action force liason to the American strike team known as The Screaming Eagles. Kreiger took advantage of a botched mission and sold his services in exchange for resources to conduct his own experiments into Immortal soldiers. His work began with his former teammates, the first of the I.R.O.N. Stormtroopers where biomechanical soldiers, as much machine as man. Driven buy the singular commands of General Blitz. He believed it a poetic tribute to bond the face of the source material to the control helmet of his drones. After the fall of Izerbase, he was the first to awaken, having his own internal resuscitation system in place. His first order of business was to find the world power to continue his experiments with. In his search he was delivered to the Cobra Council. He was shocked to find entirely mechanized versions of his Stormtroopers already in their service, as BATS perfected by their own in house science division. General Blitz was added to the Cabal of potential Cobra Commanders and given a new lab to experiment with. He knows it's only a matter of time before Savage comes for him, and he intends to be ready.

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