Head: Retaliation Lady Jaye
Body: Boss Fight HACKS Sunny Wheat
Dress: stretchy fabric

This started because HypnoHustler showed me his Bruce Lee WIP and the way he painted the shoes looked like dress slippers. I started thinking about characters who with a quick sow job could be easily made into a custom, emphasis on "easily". I had just tried the Retaliation LJ head on the HACKS body and liked the way it looked, but not for the Fathom custom I was making. The ScarJo head looked pretty good too. So it came down to LJ in her red dress or Black Widow in her Avengers interrogation black cocktail dress. I had red stretchy fabric.

I outlined the hacks body, and sketched the shape of the dress. Then I used that for template on the fabric. The first mock up was horrible. It was too small and busted the super glue even before I tried to squeeze it on. I also ruined the straps trying to pull the dress right side out. So back to the template and cutting out the pattern again. This time I left more space for the thread and made the dress straps a separate piece to be attached later. Once sewn, the fit was perfect.

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