Head - Zarana cast
Torso, upper arms & legs - Steel Brigade Delta
Webbing - Cobra anti-armor trooper (plus various add-ons)
Shawl and sleeve rolls - Green stuff sculpts
Lower arms - Unknown (25th era in origin)
Pauldron - Unknown (New sculp era in origin)

Originally this body was put together as a Skip figure (Z Force's Captain Grant Campbell) but for some reason the head and body together felt "off" in some intangible way.

I'd had this Zarana head painted for a while (a cast picked up from Raginspoon at RORC 2015) and during a spot LBCing in front of the telly, this head and body combo just seemed to me to work well together...I also changed to forearms out too (they were originally the ROC Flash ones).

I'd already done a Quarrel custom with a male base body that worked well, so I had no qualms about doing it again... as I explained in Quarrel's write up, for these women to being competing on an equal footing with the men in an elite special forces group, they'd in reality be some seriously tough, athletic individuals. Plus, when decked out in BDUs, web gear and armour, the male and female form tends to get blurred.

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