Head: Scrap Iron, sanded down and mic added
Arms: Cobra Commander
Upper Torso: Iron Man
Lower Torso: RoC Duke
Upper Legs: 50th Zartan
Lower Legs: 25th Wraith

Captain Power by bucky

I had the brief flirtation with Captain Power, as alot of kids did. Which isn't very long, considering the shelf life of the entire line. My first exposure to Captain Power was a mock news commercial that had a cut in, as if it were being received accidental. At that age, I didn't quite understand what was going on, and my brother tried telling me it was real and it was all over the news.
Fibbing brothers aside, the television show caught my interest, and soon I had a smattering of the toys. I thought the show was incredible, though I doubt I understood some of the darker plots of the series. I recall having the Power On energizer, the Captain, Lord Dredd, Lt. Chase, and my absolute favorite, Sauron.
I tried my best with this custom, and it falls into the mix of being true to the toy, and true to the show costume.

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