head = Funko ReAction Horror Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)
entire body = Takara Microman Material Force figure
hands = Takara Microman Micro Action Series figure
feet = Killuminati's UrbanRev Toys
jacket, shirt, pants = Killuminati's UrbanRev Toys
machete = Funko ReAction Horror Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)

Run for your lives, Joes and Cobras -- The undead slasher of Camp Crystal Lake is coming for you!

I always wanted to make a Jason custom. I've stockpiled a pretty large number of spare Microman figures over the years, and I stocked up on a good supply of various Killuminati clothes too. Once I saw the Funko ReAction figure in a store, I grabbed it. That head is pretty much perfect.

This is kinda a Lazy Boy custom, in that there's no painting and very little parts modification -- just a little dremeling here and there. The parts, all added together were kinda expensive though.

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