Head: NS Snake-Eyes
Chest/back: NS Kamakura
Arms: NS Range Viper
Waist, legs: Indian Jones- Russian Soldier
Feet: Indiana Jones- Ugha Warrior
Belt/thigh pads: NS Slice
Skirt: Indiana Jones- Cairo Henchman
Bo staff: 25A Snake-Eyes (ninja apprentice)

Beast Ninja Commander
Team Leader
Arashikage Ninja Clan


Another Micro Force minifigure scaled up to 1:18 using new sculpt and Indiana Jones pieces. This isn't a great match for the uniform design of the minifigure. Ninja parts with bulky gloves and sculpted shoulder pads are close enough. Instead of a sword, I used a bo staff as the primary weapon.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the minifigure, with a blue-green wash. The dog tags on the Kamakura chest and the earpiece on Snake-Eyes head don't really fit with the character. The wash made the base figure "busy" enough to simply ignore these items. I left them unpainted and they don't really register with the eye.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The faceplate, shoulder/neck padding, arm padding sculpted. The lower uniform area is the belt of NS Slice combined with the skirt of Cairo Henchman. The skirt is sculpted with as if the left knee is forward. Because the legs can't really move under the skirt, they are glued in position at the hips and the knees.

Thanks for looking.

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