Head: VvV Leatherneck
Helmet: Zombie Viper
Torso, upper arms: 25th Eel
Lower arms: RoC Storm Shadow
Hands: Retaliation Cobra Commander
Legs: 25th Snake Eyes (DVD pack)

''COBRA is extracting Helium-3 - the fuel for its super-weapon - from the bottom of the ocean floor. GI JOE deploys its naval strike force to destroy the mining station. But Cobra is waiting to spring their trap! The Whale, with Cutter and Barracuda onboard, is in route for the Ocean Abyss where Cobra is mining the fuel for their ultimate weapon!''

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Barracuda was ready for Resurgence 2 in 2015 but was left out because we could find a spot for him. Since part of the story for Resurgence 3 takes place in a sea environment, introducing Barracuda was a no-brainer. This figure was basically created to experiment with a few parts. First, I liked the Zombie Viper helmet and wondered if it would make a cool dive helmet. Second, I wanted to see if Snake Eyes legs could be used effectively for a short wetsuit. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Thanks to Sam Panico for the file card.

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