Head: 25A Serpentor
Neck post: Ink tube from disposable pen
Chest/back: NS Cobra Claws
Arms: NS Dart
Legs: Star Wars- Han Solo

GI Joe
-based on the GI Joe Extreme character-


Another GI Joe Extreme character scaled down to 1:18. I considered using some of the larger frame Marvel Universe figures to use for Freight. However, the junk parts bin had some pieces that were bulky without looking silly. The Han Solo legs lack knee articulation, but this custom has 12 points of articulation compared to the original Kenner figure, which only had four and didn't even have moving legs at the hips. The Serpentor head was the best match for the head, but its neutral expression just doesn't have the hard charging expression of the Kenner figure.

Colors & Painting:

Based on the Kenner figure. It's challenging to work in the Extreme color palettes. Strange and horrible ones I never would have put together on my own.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Many of the GI Joe Extreme characters are not strangers to steroid abuse. Freight had the most exaggerated musculature of any of the lineup. The Kenner figure had the neck of a bull. To recreate this, the "spine" in the neck is the ink tube from a ball point pen. The oversized neck around the "spine" was sculpted to be as wide as the collar. The head is blended to the neck to create a fluid look. The head wrap and its tails, knee pads, and padding/straps/pouches on the legs and boots are sculpted.

Thanks for looking.

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