Helmet - Avacslab
Visor - Night-Viper (v.1)
Head - 25th Torch
Torso & arms - Retaliation Roadblock
Webbing - Raginspoon
Upper legs - POC Cobra Trooper
Lower legs - Renegades Cobra Trooper

I'd had a brief conversation with Steve Jubber at GI Joburg about how, in the early comics, Steeler was often written as the unit's strongman before the arrival of characters such as Roadblock or Gung Ho. I therefore decided to make an updated version of him that more reflected that notion.

Although I would have liked to make the helmet removable, I had shave down the top of the Torch head in order for it to actually fit into the tankers helmet.
Also, using a dremel, I ground down the sculpted goggles and part of the headphones to allow the Night-Viper visor to fit in place.
The visor does actually move up and down. I drilled and pegged two small sections of styrene rod through the sides of the helmet to act as pivots.

I will be building a custom vehicle for him later this year (he's kind of too big for any of the current Joe tanks!) plus he's one of the first customs in my current project of producing my own take on the OG13 characters.

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