Head - MU Shanna (with new GS sculpted hair)
Torso - 25th Lady Jaye
Upper arms - FSS Night-Creeper
Lower arms - ROC Eel
Hands - MU Falcon
Upper legs - POC Cobra Trooper
Lower legs - V.43 Duke
Feet - Steel Brigade Delta
Webbing - Raginspoon

This Scarlett is an attempt at a comic-accurate version based on Giannis Milonogiannis' re-design for the forthcoming (Oct 2017) "Revolution" series.

The design was first shown at the Revolution panel at SDCC '16 (along with the new Quick Kick) and being a huge fan of Giannis' previous work I wanted to have a crack at creating a custom version of it.

I'm actually, in partnership with a fellow UK based customiser, planning on doing a wave of Revolution customs as and when the re-designs are revealed.

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