Head - 25th Outback (w/ GS sculpted hair)
Upper torso and arms - Retaliation Roadblock (modified with GS)
Lower torso - ROC Air Viper
Legs - ROC Flash (heavily sanded and re-scuplted with GS)
Boots - v.33 Storm Shadow
Bandoliers - Modified modern era ammo belts
Web Gear - Made up from various Avacslab pouches, etc
M-60E - Marauders inc

This is the second of my customs based on Giannis Milonogiannis' concept art for the forthcoming Revolution comicbook series.

Apparently the writer, Aubrey Sitterson, included a lot of images of metal frontmen in the character notes for Giannis hence we get the long greasy blond hair; torn skinny jeans; sleeveless t-shirt; converse all stars; and sleeve tattoos.
The bandoliers are on the original artwork, but I also added the web gear to give him a little bit more of combat-effective look.

The sleeve tattoos are home made waterslide decals, printed out on a laser printer and applied with a combination of micro set and micro sol, to get them to properly adhere around the muscle definition of the arms

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