Head:Retaliation Joe Trooper
Torso:ROC Ice Storm
Arms:Retaliation Lift Ticket
Legs:50th Snow Job
Backpack and snowboard modified from GIJCC Iceberg
Helmet modified from Retaliation Ultimate Flint

This figure was made for the PHX Customs project Resurgence 3.

Bio by Sam Panico:
"How many soldiers have made the transition from X Games superstar to a member of the ultra secretive GI Joe team? Just one. His mohawk may not impress the top brass, but his resume certainly does: top of class, Army Mountain Warfare School at Camp Ethan Allen; special training with the Sirius Patrol, an elite Danish navy unit that patrols the Arctic wilderness of Northern and Eastern Greenland; annual instructor/observer to the Canadian Army for Operation NANOOK."

Art by Sam Panico

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